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When a person seeks medical advice it is because they do not feel well. They may have pain, an injury, a cold, or an allergy. They could just feel worn down or anxious, depressed, or just out of sorts.

Many times there is an obvious cause and effect relationship. Diagnosis and treatment are immediately forthcoming, and symptoms pass.

There are, however, those symptoms and conditions that seem to defy a simple fix. They persist and no one can seem to explain the cause, the cure, or sometimes even the symptom.

Diagnosis of illness focuses first upon the cluster of symptoms surrounding the condition, and then upon medical tests to confirm or rule out the suspected disease. Most often with the sick, the treatment is focused upon the specific symptoms of the condition and all attempts to cure are aimed at their elimination.

It is a workable model and has been successful with many, but what we are seeing today in health care is a growing body of sick people who defy this simple model. They may have conditions that attack their own bodies. They may be people who just do not feel well: no energy to enjoy life, no sense of feeling energetic, and they may feel emotionally off. This person may be able to pass these symptoms off until they result in a more definable symptom complex, or until the emergency of illness strikes.

A health imbalance may be as subtle as a few pounds overweight, a headache, an allergy, or difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, or it could be a total breakdown in one’s ability to function.

If this speaks directly to you, or you have experienced what I am describing, you very well could find your answers within our offices.

Childhood Illness
Another class of illness many are faced with today involves our children. Childhood illness has reached an epidemic level. It seems our children are not safe from many of the diseases of adulthood. It also seems there is an exponential increase in genetic diseases and developmental diseases which defies conventional therapies.