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Weight Loss Testimonial
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"I'm so thrilled..."
I am so thrilled about the results of listening to your CD. I absolutely felt the same positive results from listening to it as I did with the BICOM machine. It did all of the right things for me: My energy level improved immediately , my chattering mind calmed down, I stopped clenching my jaw at night, the kink in my neck finally went away and if all this sounds too good to be true, just listening to the darn thing is a blissful experience! It is like the best medication you have ever had.

Job well done Toby!

"This expierence has been life-altering..."
or 10 months my 8-year old son was treated unsuccessfully by the standard medical community for thrush, a fungus infection of the mouth. We finally sought help with Dr. Watkinson and began a treatment that resulted in my son’s thrush receding after only 2 visits. My son also had great difficulty falling asleep at night and consequently was not performing to his potential in school until being treated by Dr. Watkinson. We saw an improvement after only a few treatments and falling asleep at night is no longer a struggle for my son. He wakes up refreshed and has more energy during the day—even his teacher noticed that he was more alert in class. This experience has been life-altering for my son. I recommend Dr. Watkinson’s services to any one who wants to restore their body to balance.

C K.

"...you are a true God-send!"
Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into being such a great doctor and for finding a “cure” for me! I never thought I’d get my life back—you are a true God-send!


"I feel great..."
I started on the plan on April 1 and now on June 1, I have lost 18 pounds. I feel great, my energy level has improved and I have eliminated several prescription medications, improved my cholesterol count with my primary physician’s approval. If I was told today that I would have to stay on this strict diet in order to continue feeling as I do, it would be a small price to pay.


"Your 'way' with patients is exemplary..."
I think your program and how you implement it is truly excellent. Your “way” with patients is exemplary, supportive and wonderful.


"I am so pround of myself"
I have been on the program for 7 weeks and have lost an incredible 33 pounds! I am so proud of myself. Dr. Watkinson’s program is very easy to follow.


"Dr. Watkinson’s knowledge and research are immeasurable!"
Dr. Watkinson’s knowledge and research are immeasurable! After many failed attempts at weight loss and struggling with a weight problem my entire life, I finally feel like I’ve been given the tools …to lose the weight and given the knowledge I’ve lacked but needed to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life.