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Many patients misunderstand the immense number of available laboratory tests. They often say, "I have just had a complete blood test." My comment is, "There is no such thing." They usually look stunned and respond, "What do you mean?" I go on to explain they don't have enough blood for every available blood test. The other consideration is blood does its best by stealing from the body to normalize many tests. Time of day, fasting, diet and lab error all make lab testing difficult at best.

Of course, there are important lab tests and they certainly support finding answers for the sick. What I have searched for and finally found were tests that tell me a patient is on the way to illness before illness strikes. Also, I looked for tests which unlock the doors of the health mysteries of the chronically ill or the patient trapped within an obese body or a child who can not communicate.

With these goals in mind, I've searched and found many types of tests, including saliva tests, to test practically anything you could imagine. These non-invasive tests provide valuable guidance to understanding the ill patient. Blood, urine and saliva balance tests which evaluate each in relation to each other. These tests speak directly to what toxins are in the blood and/or saliva and address how the body is doing at getting rid of the offending substance into the urine. Furthermore, what is the acid/alkaline balance between each sample? Also, what is the oxidation load of each, as well as the mineral properties?

Each and every one of these diagnostic elements can be analyzed individually and collectively to determine healthy or unhealthy trends, so we can meet illness before the emergency of illness presents.

Tests to examine intracellular and extracellular hydration address systemic energy deficiencies, digestion, diet, water consumption and body toxicity. Tests of body fat, muscle mass and cellular energy can be done non-invasively with practically immediate results.

Our use of galvanic skin response testing allows us to question your body through a computer interface with our vast library of conditions, diseases, bacterial, allergies, insects, virus and remedies. Research is continuously being conducted to prove and understand the validity of these tests compared to more conventional laboratory saliva and blood tests.

Many sick people have either started their illness stressed, or have developed the stress as the illness progressed. There are simple non-invasive tests which cannot only verify the specific aspects of your physiological and psychological stress, but can also monitor your recovery. These tests can be conducted both during your treatment or therapy, or statically before or after your treatment/therapy.

Our goal is to find and alter your pathway to ill health before it strikes, or uncover the causal chain of your present illness and reverse it before it worsens.