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Developmental Delay
Our children are one of our most precious resources and today unfortunately childhood health is at one of the most difficult times in our history.
From attention deficits disorders to floppy baby syndromes to autism our children are being attacked by conditions that defy treatment with conventional therapy.
It seems to be agreed by those who have experience with these children there is a lack of connectivity in their neurological pathways which prevent appropriate expression of intended outcome. This can span everything from speech to motor function to behavior to immunology to digestion.
The treatments which are offered by traditional medicine are experimental at best and often come with a whole host of negative side effects and consequences. Diet changes often have profound effects with many children. Working to reestablish neurological mechanisms with natural therapies are often rewarded with steady improvements but all children are different even when their symptoms are similar.
It seems that a consistent multiplicity of approaches including several therapeutic methods is often the vehicle to unwind the complexity of these young people.