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Weight gain is a visible problem with an invisible cause. If you attack the invisible cause the fat will leave forever and you will be healthier, happier, more secure and energetic.

So many people feel trapped by weight issues. They get excited about a new program but often fail or get frustrated with eating foods they are not used to eating, or they can't keep it up because it doesn't fit into their life Even if they reach their weight goal, the moment they stray, the pounds start to return and eventually they end up right back where they started.

We want the problem weight loss case b  ecause that is who has tried it all and either failed or could not maintain the momentary success.

This eating program contains no exercises, supplements, pills, shots or drinks. It is all about fresh, grocery store food and good water. There is no calorie counting, fat gram counting, or special package foods. There is weekly scientific testing of body fat, intracellular and extracellular water, along with counseling with the doctor about the plan.

Through cooking classes, DVD's, CD's, members-only web support, and 24/7 online scheduling, we strive to support the patient in the process of weight loss. We have helped many people, including nursing mothers, mothers-to-be, children, and 80-year old great grandmothers, achieve a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Most often, the news media sensationalizes the momentary success of the weight-imbalanced person, yet still maintains the attitude of blaming the obese population for a lack of motivation and willpower to diet and exercise. While science, on the other side, is in full disagreement as to exactly how to eat and how to exercise to achieve lasting results.

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- Dr. Toby Watkinson

The Problem
The person with too much body fat has a shortage of immediately accessible energy, yet they have a large inaccessible energy supply of stored fat. Their body is in a constant need of more energy because their endocrine system (thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, pancreas, adrenal glands, etc.) cannot keep up with the energy required to maintain a chronically imbalanced autonomic nervous system. Their body is burning energy at a much higher rate than normal, causing their body to crave and consume inappropriate sources of energy which provide short bursts of energy, but result in excessive insulin secretion and resultant fat accumulation. Whatever the specific initial cause, the syndrome calls upon every endocrine gland (glands which control energy and metabolism) to supply maximum benefit to overcome the energy drain until each and every endocrine organ is spent as well. The autonomic imbalance remains, even in the face of forced weight loss, preventing long-term success. The autonomic nervous system itself becomes fatigued, causing even more need for external energy resources.

This cycle is very difficult to break and the treatments which are offered only focus upon the resultant diseases and visible aspects of the problem, not upon the invisible causes. Many people are successful short-term, but not permanently. They starve or sweat off the weight but without true health balance the weight slowly creeps back, and they face the same problem all over again.

Many people point to emotional issues which are the gateway causes of their eating. This is again just one more component of the invisible complex. Understanding your emotions and behavioral responses is important, but the real problem is more about an automatic response mechanism which is out of your immediate control.

The medical industry is driven by the pharmaceutical industry and drugs. Even though we would all like a simple fix, like taking a pill, we have all seen the devastating effects of medicine gone wrong. The latest surgical cure offers again visible results and certain health benefits, but does not, as such, address the causal chain of the illness itself. Most, if not all, of these procedures may have been avoided if the right treatments were put in place earlier on in the infancy of the problem. The major focus of the medical industry has become the resultant disease states which are thought to occur secondarily to the weight gain itself.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease all rank as our fastest-growing diseases. Cardiovascular disease has been the number one killer in the United States every year since 1990, and accounts for one death every 33 seconds. Diabetes is the fastest-growing disease presently facing us.

It becomes easy to understand why these conditions are growing at such astronomical rates in the face of the above explanation. The autonomic nervous system imbalance overdrives the heart, and the process calls for new
energy to meet the body's needs. Starch and sugar, which deplete insulin, are the easy choices. Then you have two of the biggest killers known to the American public: heart disease and diabetes. If we want to also add the effects of the autonomic imbalance upon the immune system, it reads about the same. Too much sympathetic stimulation and immunity is disabled or excessively enabled, causing hyper-immunity reactions akin to auto-immune diseases.

The U.S.A. committee on Health & Diet states that "over the past 40 years, numerous studies have produced unequivocal evidence of the linkage between diet, serum cholesterol and heart disease." And there is certainly more than a causal relationship between heart disease, diet and obesity.

It is interesting, yet sad, that no medical tests are presently used or even recognized to diagnose the most common disease in this country from which over 60% of the population is afflicted. The diagnosis of obesity is made
with nothing more than a bathroom scale and a height and weight chart. These tools do not, in fact, diagnose the condition at all, but only confirm its existence. The obesity diagnosis is not a diagnosis at all, but only a name for the visual symptom brought on by an autonomic imbalance and the body's attempt to survive the problem. To treat such a complex condition by withholding food without repairing the root cause is outright torture as any obese dieter with tell you.


The Solution

The solution for the obese patient may be as complex as the condition itself, depending upon where along the continuum of the condition one has traveled. Where the patient is in the compensatory process of the illness
dictates the difficulty of achieving success. By this I mean if the patient has been permanently damaged, either emotionally or physically, the chances for a lasting success become more difficult. Medications for the resultant
diseases of obesity and damaged psychology are difficult to ignore and have a significant influence upon the systems needing the most repair to ensure recovery. Aside from these obstacles, is the emotional damage of obesity. Having been obese since childhood can create an insurmountable obstacle that no amount of explanation and scientific facts can change the reality or the damage that remains. The thin body is a scary place for someone who has been overweight all their life. They feel at a minimum vulnerable and afraid. Thinness is foreign and unknown - unlike the obesity they strive to escape. Often, driven as much by public image as personal desire, and overcome by repeated failures, it can be a trap without any perceived escape route.

As a clinician seeing the solution so readily at hand, yet so clouded for the individual with the personal damage of obesity, it elicited frustrations for both Doctor and patient. Like unraveling any patient's complex health
issue, it begins in successful baby steps. The most important is to show the patient, through their own success, that it is indeed possible to change their present course and eventual outcome. This, for the very obese, is the easy part. The hard part is redirecting their fear and anxiety about the world of thinness. As they come to see, thinness is not only achievable, but maybe even easy. This mere fact alone may escalate their anxieties, imbalancing the autonomic nervous system as they face the reality of impending shapeliness, again making weight loss difficult as cravings creep back.

It would be easy to assume counseling would be the single answer, yet much of what the patient is experiencing is, in fact, the very autonomic nervous system mechanism that was at the root of their weight gain to start with. The way people process their stress accounts for how the autonomic nervous system remains balanced or spins out of control. These skills of processing emotions are usually the ones we learn from our parents who are most likely the same people who, by example or otherwise, taught us how to make the food choices most of us make every day.

The bottom line of the solution therefore, is to retrain the autonomic response which turns back on the digestive enzymes, slows the heart rate, calms the mind, increases intestinal mobility and plugs the hole in the boat, so to speak, for the energy leak which drives the sugar and starch craving. Retraining and resetting the autonomic nervous system, portion controlling the food intake, and balancing the types of foods consumed, will start fat burning to occur in a controlled and systematic manner. Body compartment monitoring and metabolic coaching also serve to reeducate the patient by dispelling the misinformation about weight gain and loss, such as exercise is necessary to lose weight, and that stimulants are pathways to thinness.

Patients without the damage of lifetime obesity make this process go smoothly and quickly, giving immediate and often rapid results. Most comment they have never lost so much weight so rapidly before, and also find the
eating plan simple and easy to maintain as a lifestyle change. Most are amazed when they find out the truth about exercise. They also have difficulty believing that fat by itself is not the enemy it has been made out to be, how great a fuel source it really is, and are able to experience the immediate benefit of making simple dietary changes. Patients, especially those who have always failed on diets in the past, now can be successful and just can't believe it.


The Results

Unlike ordinary weight loss programs, this plan is not just about the flash in the pan weight loss. It is about scientific monitoring of the patient's body compartments, tracking water, fat, muscle and toxicity. It is about rebalancing the ratio of intracellular to extracellular water. It is about rehydrating the body with electrically active unprocessed water which contains abundant minerals from nature. It is about rebalancing the autonomic nervous system with the natural variability which should predominate our cellular environment. It is about retraining and awakening the body's natural rhythms inherent to life itself. It is about re-centering the body systems to perform as if new to life. It is about creating choice for the individual - a present time consciousness for both thought and action when it comes to food and drink choices.

Patients who have come to us wired, tired, fatigued, depressed, in pain, compulsively eating, emotionally stuck and overweight often experience positive results from the very beginning of the program. Laboratory abnormalities normalize rapidly as patients make the recommended dietary changes.

Elevated serum cholesterol has been seen to reduce even when medicine has failed to produce results. Triglycerides have been seen to normalize from as high as 15 times normal in as little as a month. Abnormal thyroid tests have become balanced and normal within weeks of starting the program. Liver enzymes have reduced to normal rapidly as dietary changes reduce liver stress and damage. (See testimonials.)

It is like pouring water on a dying plant and watching it come to life before your eyes as it drinks up the moisture, its leaves perk up, and its flowers open. Patients are amazed at how great they can feel from just eating good food and drinking good water once their autonomic nervous system is brought into balance.

The objective tests quickly show the results as the fat seems to melt away and is replaced by a growing metabolically active body cell mass. Although fat may be easier to lose, cellular water balances takes a more concerted effort. Yet, as cellular hydration is balanced, muscle cells expand and strength increases. The same digestive abnormalities that cause cellular dehydration also can cause an accumulation of a non-metabolically active, extracellular mass, sometimes referred to as "toxic load". As the autonomic nervous system returns to normal, so do the digestive enzymes, resulting in simultaneous repair of both the water balance and the body toxicity. These repairs just take more time than fat loss, yet the patient feels increasingly better as healing occurs.

One of the most remarkable results is the number of patients who have had difficulty losing weight in the past, yet find this program easy to follow. They say things like, "Why would anyone ever want to eat any differently than this? I just feel so good." Once a patient has reduced their body fat to an ideal level, eating foods with higher fat content is an absolute necessity for long-term success and fat balance. This is sometimes difficult for patients to understand because most people believe what they have been inappropriately told by the media: that fat is bad and will make you fat.

See our testimonials and the fat loss graphs and you will see for yourself the results achieved by most of our patients. I have never had a patient who did not or could not lose fat. Even the ones who did not do the program to
my exact specifications, still lost fat. A very easy average to achieve for women is 2.59 pounds of fat loss per week. (This was after I corrected for those female patients who had tremendous fat loss and whose fat loss was so great they would have skewed the curve making the average much harder to achieve. The worst average by a female was 49 pounds per week. I kept their scores in my averages, even though I knew they were not committed to themselves or to the program, again to ensure that the averages were achievable by everyone.) Men lose less fat overall at 1.9 pounds per week, but as most women can tell you about their partners, they will win the weight loss race. Men lose an overall of 3.8 pounds of total weight per week. (Again, I took out the highs and left in the lows from my averages to set the bar a little lower so as not to discourage anyone if they didn't hit the average.) As we all know, results vary between patients, but for those who do the program as recommended, fat loss is profound.

With our efforts to educate our patients about ways to cook and make foods more interesting, colorful, tasty and satisfying, we hope to bring a whole new dimension to one's concept about food and cooking. Often people eat poorly because they get bored and end up eating the same foods which are often unhealthy, or seek out restaurants, which only contribute to their problem. Many people, as they learn interesting ways to prepare food, find it difficult to eat in restaurants because they can't find one that prepares food as well as what they can fix at home.

Helping a person repair a weight imbalance is not just about giving them a list of good and bad foods to eat and telling them everything they have been doing wrong. To be truly successful and make long-term changes, it is important to reeducate, stimulate, motivate, evaluate, saturate and invigorate every fiber of the person's body about how to change their lives by experiencing the feeling of success and overcoming what might be, for some, repeated failure.

Our coaching and metabolic monitoring will give you the opportunity to see the weekly effects of your efforts. We will not only be your cheerleaders, we will make you the star player on a winning team.

Let us help you be a star.