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There is a basic wellness that is inherent to life itself. It is what we all take for granted when we are young and full of energy. But if you look around you things seem to be changing: the failing health of the youth, the dependence of the old upon drugs to survive. It seems to be contrary to the natural order of life.

Natural healing is a form of healing that strives to fix the break in the natural process. It works to set the body back on the natural course and eliminate the barriers to allow natural recovery to occur.

Have you noticed in nature there are no perfectly straight lines, no perfectly round objects, no single frequency noises and no single intensity light? Everything in nature has a constant rhythm of change yet has a natural order.

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Technology Chronic Illnesses
Technology looks to establish order in everything; to make the most perfect straight lines, round circles, single frequencies, 60 watt light bulbs, etc. Technology frustrates itself in trying to mathematically model the randomness of nature. Computer model a wave, if you will.
Each of us is the embodiment of the randomness of nature.

Modern science tries its best to understand but fails because the scientific model cannot model or represent nature as such.In the September 1, 2004 edition of The Journal of the American Medical Association, an interesting article appeared: Chronic Disease-the Need for a New Clinical Education.

The article states that the training of physicians has not kept up with the shift from acute illness to chronic illness. In the health care systems of today, 78% of the health care dollar is spent on the chronically ill patient population.

Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and adolescent obesity are chronic illnesses developing in many of us as we speak. Present-day science has truly been unsuccessful at combating these conditions, ever looking to solve the chronicity of the problem with only palliative drug therapies. We cannot wait for the retraining of the health care system, for at the end of acute illness these conditions take the lives, limbs and minds of the patient.

There are cures, reversals, healings and even miracles available to these patients. The role of cure lies more with the patient than with the ill-prepared physician.

The Tobin Institute has proven these global health concerns can and will respond and respond rapidly to conservative treatment focused on the quieting of the overstressed minds and improvement of the improperly fed bodies of today's walking wounded.

The Tobin Institute is dedicated to changing the health of this ill population with education, treatment
and clinical research focused upon the cause and not upon pacifying symptoms.


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