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Our in-office treatment may include food plans, water recommendations, energetic remedies, nutritional supplementation suggestions, pro-biotic and pre-biotic suggestions, biofeedback, and physical medicine as needed to diagnose or treat. Conventional health care, including lab testing & radiology is also available through our offices and seamlessly integrated where necessary or desired.

We also now offer the latest in Remote or Virtual Technologies to do certain computer interface testing from your home computer to our library of nutrients, remedies and conditions. This technology replaces and in some cases can eliminate the need for repetitive in-office visits.

Our goal is to remove the barriers, allowing natural healing to occur. With this goal in mind our treatments are not invasive, uncomfortable, or in any way embarrassing. We maintain a patient-centered environment of healing that nurtures and respects the sick, and we strive to understand the long road many patients have walked to reach our door.

Each patient is different and, therefore, their treatment may be different. We have been told numerous times by our patients that our office has a sizable tool box for problem-solving.

Our aim in treatment is to understand the causal chain of events that led a patient to their present state of illness. Treating a person for a condition is very different from treating a person for the cause of their condition. It is not uncommon to hear from patients who have been treated for what was thought to be their primary illness, but they never responded. Getting on the target is one part of the problem-solving. Hitting the bulls eye is a totally different thing. To do this it is important to track the cause or causes, not just focus upon the name of the illness.

Once we are clear about the cause, treatment may be as simple as fixing an allergic reaction to something you are taking, eating or breathing. It may be as simple as sleeping in a different room of your house because the cause is an environmental problem in your sleep space. Nutrition and water may be a central theme in at least preparing the body for better healing. Sugars and starches feed infection. Fruits, sugars, aged foods and grains feed yeast growth, which can cause anything from mood swings to fatigue, to food cravings and obesity.

Lasers for pain control, acupuncture techniques, and trigger point therapy have been employed with great success when indicated. Stress negates healing. Real time heart rate variability testing during treatment serves to objectify the success of therapy. Sound may also play a role in quieting the mind. Monitoring body fat and intracellular and extracellular hydration are critical to the healing process, and are as much a part of the treatment as they are a part of the diagnosis. Galvanic skin response testing gives us an in-depth method to question your body about its’ response to stressors like allergy, pain and other conditions which may have brought you to our office.

Saliva and blood tests for hormones, stress, parasites, and mold/yeast/fungal infection all play a role in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

Treatment comes when one thinks outside the box and verifies it with a diagnostic procedure. Read each of our links carefully, and you will get a feeling as to who we are and our sincere desire to help you find your health and strength again.