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Becoming a new patient is fast and Easy. Please choose from the following two options:

Option 1

Fill our the appropriate form from our "forms" page and fax it to our offices at: 1 858-909-0898. Once we've received your forms we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Please only fill out the forms that apply to you.

Weight Loss Patients
- Please fill out the "Personal Data Sheet - Weight Loss".
All Others - Please fill our "Personal Data Sheet".

If you fall under both the "weight loss" and "all other" categories please fill out both forms. Duplicate sections may be left blank on one form.

Option 2

Contact our Office for an appointment and the receptionist will forward all the necessary forms and tests to you via fax, email or mail. These forms are to be completed prior to your first visit.

Call for an appointment at: 1 858-909-0898. Please follow the voice prompts for new patients.